Friday, 16 May 2014

Cake Friday - Flowers

For the current 
Alter a Can/Alter It Challenge 

Well it's Friday again so it's time for some cake talk!!

So Lisa has started stocking some cake tools and I thought I would show you a few flowers you can make with them!!

Excuse the colour of my foam board lol!!
This is all you need - Fondant, cutter, rolling pin, ball tool and a ballbus tool

So firstly a glue less rose..

Cut out a 5 petal flower

Take the ball tool and with it half on (and half on the Matt) frill the end by gently rolling it along the edge

Until it looks like this!!

Then take it in your hand and roll one petal into a bud

Once you have the bud keep rolling around using the next petal

Once you have rolled all the petals round you will have a rose.... it really is that simple and works with any size 4 petal cutter!!

Another quick flower is this one:

Cut 3 sizes of 3 petal cutters

Thin the edges the same as above and add some water in the middle of each flower and layer them up

Just add some cream balls to the centre and another simple flower!!

Well I hope you liked these simple flowers and will pop over again next week.

Remember if there is anything you want to see please drop a comment on here.

Carrie (asc for cake)

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