Friday, 23 May 2014

mmmmm Can you smell that?....

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Ribbon/Lace Challenge

Good morning all..

Yep that's right it's Cake Friday so you have me (Carrie of asc for cake) here this morning and I have been baking up a storm this week...

So what's your favourite cake flavour?

Mine has to be sticky toffee cake..... or anything with rhubarb in lol... but when we have friends coming I always fall back on the trust Vanilla cake....

So what vanilla recipe do you use? 

Me???? Oh I have tried my fair few... Mary Berry, pink whisk, hummingbird and they are all lush.... but my trusty go to is easy peasy and makes the lightest sponge I have tasted....

Weigh the eggs... then use the same of everything... so if I'm using 4 eggs I weigh them and say they weigh 197g then I use 197g of butter, sugar and sr flour....

Now you have the debate of real butter of stork... now I know many a beautiful cake that has been made with stork, but for me it has to be butter. I love the creamy taste it gives.

Then there is flour, I use sr flour but I do add baking powder to it too to give it the extra bit of bounce... and if you haven't tried it give McDougalls supreme flour a try - it may be more expensive but it really does make a LOT of difference, in height and taste....

So what was I making???

Oh I made One wedding cake and tried out 4 designs...

First I added ribbon and diamante ribbon (both available in the store here)

Then I added a bow and diamante middle which I got from lovely Lisa's store too..

I removed the bow and added some simple flowers (see the tutorial last week on how to make them..)

and then... well .. it's a flower frenzy..

So one simple white cake and 4 different designs!!

Well thanks for popping by. Remember to let me know if there is anything you would like to see, or know... and I will do my best 

Carrie xxx

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