Friday, 1 August 2014

balls, balls everywhere.......

Good morning all,

If your looking for this weeks challenge - anything goes click here

Otherwise it's time for Cakey Friday

And as the title says this week I am talking about balls.... now no rude thinking I am talking about little sugar balls - hundreds and thousands.

Yep those little blighters that you find for weeks after using them lol..

Well here is a cake I made my Sister

Now when I thought about this cake I thought how easy it would be - how wrong was I???

So this week I had a 2nd go... There were still a few rouge balls flying around but much better... the secret??
Well this time I filled a baking tray with a tub of  sprinkles and I iced the cake as normal and then covered in edible glue, left it a few seconds to get tacky and rolled it. 

once it was covered I gently picked the cake up and checked for any parts not covered. I added more glue and filled it by hand - well spoon this time.

And here is the cake:

close up..

Hope this has inspired you

See you again next week xxxx


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