Saturday, 16 August 2014

Cake Friday - what's your favourite cake flavour?

Good morning all... I know I am a day late... sorry xx

So if you have come for this weeks challenge you need to pop here

So then what is your favourite flavour cake?

Mine is sticky toffee all the time...
or is it rhubarb and custard?
or carrot cake??
Nope I just can't do it.... I cannot pick a fave lol..

Although this weeks make has made it up there... Black forest gateaux cupcakes...

So here is my recipe..

3 eggs (I weigh them cracked and then use the same amount of butter, sugar and sr flour)
9g cocoa powder
I mix them all together and 3/4 fill the cases. Then I add 3 -4 black cherries and bake..

Once they come out of the oven I brush them with kirsch (cherry brandy) or if they are for kids with cherry juice this makes the sponge really soft and scrummy..

Then I make the buttercream
250 butter
500g icing sugar
Mix it all together and then add some cherry juice...

simples.. but soooooo yummy xx

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