Friday, 29 August 2014

Kowabunga dudes....

Well hello there peeps..

For our current crafty challenge please pop here

And now it's time for this weeks cake...

So butter cream or ganache???

Have you tried to get a bump free cake when icing?
This was my nightmare when I started caking -  however earning how to crumb coat (dirty ice) a cake makes everything so much better!

So butter cream does work wonders in a cake but I find when its really warm it doesn't hold so well on the crumb coat and you don't get those sharp edges

But ganache - well that's a whole other ball game. My first issue with it is getting it on the cake - it tastes so good I usually have to taste control it a few times lol!! However the benefit of ganache is the super sharp edges you get....

So what do you think??

And here is this weeks cake:


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