Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Skin Tone Colouring Tutorial

Its DT  member Sandie here and I have a Tutorial on colouring skin tone with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers

I am using my favourite Spectrum Noir skin combo, but you can try the same technique with other combo's

I am using Super Smooth card and my pics are as is, no fancy editing and as I went along, so you are seeing worts and all

You will notice that I have gone over the lines a little in several places too!  These I blend out using the blender pen when I've finished the skin usually so don't panic about them, its just colouring on paper at the end of the day, so have fun!

Start by choosing where the light is coming from - here its top right and then 
colour in the shadow's using TN2 as above

With FS2, blend over the edge of the TN2 with a small amount of FS2 
Don't extend the line too far at this stage

Here's a closer look.
You can see the definition starting to appear as the white sections look closer to you
making the shaded areas appear further away

Now go back over the shadows with TN2 again!
Don't panic about how dark it is starting to look, it will at this stage but trust me, it will all make sense in the end lol 

Now blend out again using FS2 and still leave the white areas!
You will see that your shaded areas now have more definition 
Add FS8 to the cheeks BUT only over thw TN2 bit 
Blend over the cheek area with FS6  

Now grab the FS4 and blend out the shadows all over BUT leave a few places white at this stage
Those areas that would be really caught by the lightSee how mine has the left side now all filled in because that's furthest from the light

Now finally blend it all out with FS2 so she is all coloured in
But....the FINAL step is to leave this now for about 10mins, go have a cuppa and cake!
The cake is optional lol

When you come back the ink will have dried and you will see how it has settled and the blending will be so much better

Here is a sneak peek of the card I made with this image once she was all coloured up...

You'll be able to see this card in full on the next challenge (starting January 17th) but......

Dont forget our latest challenge is Here 

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  1. Oh my gracious - she is gorgeous. What a super tutorial Sandie. HAPPY NEW YEAR! j.

  2. Many thanks for your tutorial - most helpful

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  3. Fab tutorial Sandie x Thank you x

  4. super super amazing thanks for showing us how u do it x

  5. Totally wonderful! I have such trouble with the light source and you made it make sense to me! She is gorgeous xx

  6. A super tutorial Sandie, great to see all the stages.
    Julie x


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