Sunday 23 March 2014

DT announcement

Wow what an amazing turnout for the DT call we where utterly amazed
Now before i announce i would love to say a huge big thank you to
Lizzy, Anne , Lisa S , Lisa W and Tracy
You all are amazing and your talent is fabulous thank you for your time with us

Now for our New DT peeps

Hi I'm Suzi, I'm 39 and live in Aberdeen, Scotland with my handsome hubby Stewart and our three adorable fur babies (Alice, Dotty & Sophie).  I no longer work due to health problems (Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, etc) so Crafting is my therapy. I love to colour and have done since childhood. I've been Card Making and Papercrafting for over 10 years now, and i love it, not only do i get to play with awesome image, beautiful embellishments and pretty paper, but I've met some wonderful people who share my passion. It's a true honour to be joining The Craft Place Design Team, and I'm looking forward to sharing my love of colouring and all things bright and cheerful with you all.

Servus, my name is Claudia but some of you might know me as "die amelie" from my blog VonPappeII. I live in beautiful Vienna, Austria, and have been working as an arts and crafts teacher for almost 20 years before I decided to become a fulltime mom, dog keeper and housewife, which I now enjoy a lot as it also provides me with sufficient flexibility and spare time to spend at my crammed studio.

I love all things weathered and grungy, heavily graphical (especially numerals and letters) and textural! I get inspired by nature mainly...loving the Vienna Woods and the Danube wetlands nearby.

When I am not at my craft desk I enjoy reading thrillers, watching TV series ("The Big Bang Theory", "Supernatural", "The Walking Dead" or "Game of Thrones" just to name a few), photography, dancing (the old fashioned way) and singing.

I am the messy and chaotic type of crafter and painter...feeling truly happy when my fingers are covered with acrylic paints, inks and glue and there's not even one single square centimeter of spare space left on my desk. I love to explore new techniques and to get inspired by all the creative people out there who luckily share their imagination and esprit!

Hi there.. I am Debs.... I am freewheeling it to 50 and fighting all the way. What you see is what you get.. I am unable to control my emotions, so I am either laughing hysterically, crying (equally hysterically) shouting the odds or having a major hissy fit! The hissy fits, tears and shouting are very short lived, as life is too short to deal with that, and is there to be lived to the full... but it needs to be let out occasionally, so I don't fester! I am impulsive, experimental, flamboyant, sarcasm and flippancy are my release valves.... and I have a huge love for the Drama-Llama, which shows in my ever changing hair colours! All of this extends to my art..... After being told at school not to bother taking Art GCSE, I cos I was rubbish and would fail (by a teacher!!) I put my brushes down and sulked for 30 years! During this mega sulk-fest, I made cards, and started my own business selling graphic CDs... the market got very competitive with CDs popping up everywhere, so until I find the magical whatever that everyone neeeeeeds, I am taking a break! I then discovered Art Journalling, and thought... Hey.. I can do that.... so started with my rubber stamps and some inky backgrounds... then I saw things being altered, and thought, Hey.. I can do that too...... then for some mad reason, I picked up a paintbrush again!

I am now, (in the space of two short years) a original Enthusiastic Experimental Artist.... who has sold canvas's..... all that time wasted! I say I am an Enthusiastic Experimenter.. cos I ignore all the rules, just cos I can... to see what happens.. some are good.. some are binned, when I stop laughing!

I am a firm devotee to pencils (one brand in particular) and to the humble marker pen......... and spray inks, and stuff that should have been binned but hey.. I can use that for........LOL I have to say I am totally beyond THRILLED to be part of the That Craft Place Team Blog........ I just hope I don't let them down and can do them justice in my own unique way! 

My name is Julie (Jules) I am 45 years young, yes i said young! I started paper 

crafting almost 2 years ago when I popped over to my sister's house one day and had a "dabble" . Not sure who was most surprised about me still crafting 2 years later me or Stacey.

Although i attempt to use my pro markers now and again, I do prefer to use 

toppers and decoupage. Since getting my Cameo from that lovely Lisa Ditzie 

Horton I hardly use my big shot anymore.

I am looking forward to being a part of this crazy team and getting to know 

all better.

Jules x

My name is Aurora, and I am from Spain. As a kid, from my mum and my grandma, I learned crocheting, knitting, sewing and embroidering. I have always been a crafty type of person and I love playing with fabric, ribbons, buttons and thread. Some years ago, I discovered scrapbooking, but with two small kids it was very difficult to follow on long projects. On the summer of 2013, I decided to learn how to use the Copic markers that my husband had bought me some years ago. Since then I haven’t been able to stop using them, and with them came a whole world of images for colouring and projects that were just my size, with endless possibilities to use all the techniques and materials that I could think off.

Erin S

By day, a mild mannered maths night, a mad crafter. Hi, I’m 

the other Erin! In October 2013 I found myself in a fabulous craft shop 

that quickly became ‘my happy place.’ Since then I’ve gone from a cute &

pretty card maker to a messy & grungy kind of crafter. The messier the 

better, in fact! I’ve started to tiptoe along the dark side of altering items, 

art journaling, distressing, using stencils/masks, and occasionally make a

card or two. Oh, and I come with a Canadian accent that Danny 

(infamous Danny) nailed as Winnipegian!

Lisa M

Hi, I’m Lisa. By day I’m a librarian, by night (and at weekends) I’m an 

inky-caped supercrafter…well, maybe in my dreams! I’m an ink fiend, a 

devotee of all things stamp, and a collector of an enormous number of 

stamps. I live in the Midlands in the UK, have two beautiful children and an

husband who understands my need to regularly get inky fingered. I’m 

delighted to be chosen as a member of this fabulously talented DT!

We are also having a little change around with us having a rather large DT 
we are having 2 teams 
Team A is going to be your Challenge inspiration for the first 2 months 
Team B is going to be your Inspiration on the Natter & Chatter Page and ( you can ask those guy's for help as well ) 
Then we will swap over after 2 months 

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  1. looking forward to working with you! Hugs rachel xx


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