Friday 20 June 2014

Air bubbles...

For the current 
Men Challenge 

Good morning cake people..

It's Carrie here as it is Cakey Friday!!!

So yesterday I made a princess castle cake, it was looking all lovely and pink (just as a girls 3rd cake should be lol)… I popped it in a box and went out… 3 hours later when we got home a HUGE bubble had appeared!!


I have been making cakes for years but this is the first time it happened…. and it's the hottest day I have made a cake on… 

So what do you do if a bubble appears???

Once the panic had died down I wondered… what if I popped it? would butter cream ooooozzzz out? would there be a HUGE hole? 

Well that was the only thing I could think of.. so I got a cocktail stick and popped the little bugger… and whoossshhhhh the air went… I was really careful, and just rubbed over the tiny hole and … nothing - you can't even see anything!!

Cake was rescued and i can breathe again lol..

So what disasters have you had??

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