Friday 6 June 2014

Cake Friday

For this weeks Challenge Men  

Well hello there everyone

Yep it is Friday so that means it's Carrie here for Cake Friday!!

So today I am gonna show you where I started... yep my very first cake. I was so so proud of my cake, the fact that I made it all myself, modelled the animals, iced it and made if for my little Princesses adoption celebration:

It's funny isn't it - as proud of it I was at the time I look at it now and see the flaws lol.. the icing isn't smooth, its a bit crowded etc.... but as with everything its practise practise practise and here is my latest farm cake:

The best advise I can give for icing cakes is don't be afraid of it... you need to move quickly so the icing doesn't split/tear... 

Roll your icing to around a £1 coin thickness, Place it on your cake once it has been crumb coated (dirty iced) and brought back to room temp, attach it to the top of the cake quickly and attach around the edges (around top of the cake to seal it. If there is a lot of icing hanging cut it off or the icing will drag as its heavy and the fondant will tear. Once you have done that start smoothing the icing around the cake - smoothing it out so there is no join. You can use smoother's but to me there is no better or cheaper way than your own hand . I do use Bellisima smoother's to get sharp edges but honestly - the hand is best lol...

If you are decorating the cake, I would highly recommend leaving it iced overnight before doing so. The fondant will harden up and will be harder to damage lol...

If you want any help with covering your cake don't hesitate to drop me a message ( or comment on here and I will get back to you...

Right I am off for a slice of either raspberry ripple or lemon and blueberry cake.... well it would be one of my 5 a day right.....???

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