Friday 25 July 2014

It's the little things..

Well good morning bakers..

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It is Friday so it's time for

So we have talked about doing cakes the right way (legally) and using the best ingredients so today it's all about the little things.

Like cards the right embellishments will finish the cake off perfectly, and even if you can see fault it will look so amazing no one would know lol..

Flowers are great on female cakes and hey hide a multitude of sins... a last minute bump or knock, or even a smudge... 

On male cakes dots or stars are great too. On many occasions I have needed to add a star, dot or flower as I had a tiny bit of ganache or colouring on my fingers and when I smoothed the cake I left a smudge lol...

Another great tip is to ice the board. Some people see this as a waist of fondant - but it looks so professional. You can leave it plain or be experimental and use cutters to imprint or even use matts... the world is a creative place so have a play

And my last tip is to use ribbon..... around the cake drum - there are so many ribbons out there, that you will find one to match any cake.. It really does finish the cake perfectly!!

So here are some cakes I made this week...

A Mr Maker themed cake

A ladybug cake to match all the partyware

For a special teacher

Birthday cupcakes

Daisy cupcakes

Well thanks for stopping by.

See you next week...


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