Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sorry I am late.... I was building a snowman lol....

There I was thinking I was ahead of myself..... nope... I am late...

So here is Cakey Friday on a Saturday lol...

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So who makes cakes?

Do you charge? Can you charge? should you charge??

It is all a bit of a grey area really... so grab a brew - and a cake cause it's never to early for cake, and read on..

The cake world is a fab world, friendly and helpful... but as everything there is a nasty side so it's always better to know what you are doing is right.

There is a very thin line between hobby baker and a professional...

A hobby baker is someone who makes cake for a hobby, you will usually bake for friends and family and you can ask for money to cover the cost of your cake... NOTHING ELSE. If you are to make money from the cake then you cross that thin line lol!! 

A lot of people take the plunge and cross the line..... to do this you need to register with your local council (free). Now what happens next depends on your local council but.... they will usually send an environmental officer round - they will make an appointment so you know when to expect them. Baking is quite low risk but they will check you have the right cleaning facilities, that you have passed your level 2 catering certificate (£20 online) and that you log details correctly... while I was nervous and followed family around with a duster and vacuum until my inspector had been it was a breeze lol.. and I gained a 5* rating!! whoop!!

Once you are registered you can legally sell your cakes and start a business - as it is a business you must register with HMRC and get insurance - If something goes wrong you need to be covered!! 

As a buyer should you be bothered???

Well I guess that depends. Yes going to a hobby baker or someone who charges but isn't registered may get you a cheaper cake.... but if something goes wrong - everyone at your party becomes ill, or their is something in the cake... or the cake that you have paid for comes damaged, doesn't come at all or isn't what you ordered... well what are you going to do? It's like being in an accident with an uninsured driver, only you could have done something about it!!!

So think... cheap may be good but professional is better!!


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