Friday 26 September 2014

Cake time Friday

If you are after the current challenge please pop here…..

So who missed me???

I have been away on holiday and then my little Princess started nursery  but today I am back with Christmas on my mind…

So who makes there own Christmas cakes?

I make one for us and then several for customers who all pick different alcohol so from now until Christmas my house smells a little like a distillery lol…

So how soon do you start soaking for fruit or making your cake?

Have you already made them??

Me???…. Well I have set my fruit to soak…. I soak them in alcohol for a month to make sure it sucks in as much as it can… for us this year it's cherry brandy mmmm….. but I also have brandy, port, whisky and rum ones soaking!!

What recipe do you use?? I use one from a company called Quaint cakes…. although I use a lot more alcohol lol…

And here are a few I made last year…. 

So happy baking xxxx

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