Friday 24 October 2014

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That's right its time for.....

So one thing it took me a while to work out was how to picture my cakes..

Yep the picture can get you that extra sale and I guess it's the same with cards..

Here is a pic I took of a cake:

It looks OK I guess, and the wall paper (courtesy of b&q lol) matches the cake but it needs to be brighter...

So I invested in a bakedrop and positioned it in the brightest room in the house....

And look at the difference!!

Nice, clean and bright ... so always think about how you photograph your products 

Carrie xx

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  1. Wow ! Huge difference! such a cute cake too, when I clicked on the post I didnt expect that, I have never seen a cake like that before, how creative. I love to cook and bake and it always taste fabulous but doesnt always look great, much less decorative. Your very talented! TFS Lizzy


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