Tuesday 8 March 2016

Bead Box Tutorial

Hello lovelies, it's Nicola here with today's tutorial.

I have decorated a lovely wooden box to make a bead box.

The materials you need from That Craft Place 

Wooden Box ~ White Gesso ~ Texture Paste ~ Cog Stencil ~ Cosmic Shimmer Crackle Paints in shades China Pink, Heather , Jade Mint ~ Petal Lu Flowers ~ Pink Ruffle Edge Ribbon ~ Lilac Spiral Stems ~ Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue

Materials already in my own crafty stash...
Spatula ~ Old credit card ~ Daler Rowney Interference Colour Shimmering Green and Shimmering Violet ~ Selection of Beads ~ Pearl Beads on Stems ~ Piece of Broken Jewellery

Step by Steps...

1. Paint the box all over, inside and out, and the dividers with gesso, Leave to dry.

2. Lay the Cog Stencil over the left half of the lid. Use your spatula to add a blob of texture paste onto the stencil.

Use the old credit card and spread the paste evenly over the stencil.

Flip the stencil around so that the pattern joins in the middle. Repeat the same steps  for the right side.

Leave this to dry thoroughly.

3. Paint the box lid with the Jade Mint crackle paint, the base with China Pink, and the inside with Heather. Paint the divider China Pink. Leave to dry. I left mine to dry overnight, you will see the crackles appear when dry.

4. Put a blob of each of the Interference paints onto your craft sheet. Spritz with some water on each blob. Mix each colour with the water to create a wash. Paint the violet on the inside of the box and paint the green interference over the lid and the rest of the outside of the box. Leave to dry. This creates a lovely shimmer effect.

5. Put the divider into place inside the box.  Glue the pink ribbon around the bottom edge. Embellish the top with your Spiral and pearl stems, flowers, beads and broken jewellery using the glue to stick everything into place. Finally fill with some pretty beads.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial for this pretty bead box. I really enjoyed decorating this. You could decorate these boxes as a gift for someone and fill it with pretty things they like.

Have fun,
Happy Crafting,



  1. Beautiful transformation! Thanks for sharing your altered box tutorial with us in the Tuesday's Tutorials Facebook Group, Nicola.

  2. I got to get me some of that gesso. Beautiful project, love the stencil and flowers. Great job xxx

  3. I got to get me some of that gesso. Beautiful project, love the stencil and flowers. Great job xxx

  4. Great tutorial and lovely box. Angela x

  5. Fabulous box and great explanation thank you x


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