Wednesday 24 June 2015

VonPappe Wednesday #7

Servus and welcome back after an unforgivable long break to another VonPappe Wednesday!

Lovely Lisa - the owner and busy bee of That Craft Place - has the most wonderful range of laser cut MDF bits and pieces and this time I want to show you how to create this grungy frame with a bit of bling:

As you can see I originally thought of using one of her lovely bird shapes along with it, but during the process that idea got

The list of materials I used can be found at the bottom of this post. All media and items I used can be bought at That Craft Place - either the bricks and mortar shop, the facebook group or the online store.

For a larger view simply click on the images.

Steps 1 and 2:

Give the frame a coat of white DecoArt media Gesso. Once that has dried, put a layer of DecoArt media fluid acrylic Titan Buff on top. 

Step 3:

Using DecoArt Carbon Black media fluid acrylic paint stamp on some cracks. To do so spread some of the paint flat out on a palette or non stick crafting sheet and dab the stamp into the paint. Remember to clean the stamp immediately after use with soap and water as the acrylic paint can't be removed once it has dried! Using acrylic paint for stamping adds a little extra texture (but you can of course use archival stamping ink instead).

Step 4:

Rub and dab on some DecoArt media Texture Sand Paste using your fingers. Leave out the stamped areas. Let dry.

Steps 5 and 6:

Apply a wash of DecoArt media Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide fluid acrylic in random places and especially onto the areas with the Texture Sand paste. A wash means you generously apply heavily diluted paint (almost more water than paint).

If you find that you want your paint to puddle and run even more you can also add water directly with your brush to the spots where you have already added paint to. Dab off and/or add paint as you carry on until you are content with the effect.

Repeat the procedure with DecoArt media English Red Oxide fluid acrylic.

Step 7:

After that has dried thoroughly dry brush on some DecoArt media Paynes Grey  using a dry (!) wide flat soft brush. Only load the very tip of your brush and "paint" a piece of kitchen roll so there's only little paint left on your brush - gently brush that onto the textural areas and the edges of your frame. This will tone it down and also make any texture more visible.

Step 8: 

Add some DecoArt media Cobalt Turquoise Hue in various spots.

Step 9:

Next add the brighter DecoArt media Cobalt Teal Hue in the same spots to create a kind of patina look.

Right now your frame should already have turned from rather bright to grungy dark and worn looking.

Step 10 (is optional for those who really want their frame to look grungy and dark):

be brave and randomly scrape on some DecoArt media black Gesso with the smallest palette knife you have!

This will add more depth and detail to your frame! Don't be afraid of covering up what's underneath. Layering techniques are all about letting go ;)

Step 11:

For a finishing touch embellish your frame with some thin rough string and a pendant. I coloured mine using Ranger Alcohol Inks.

You're done!

Instead of putting an image behind your frame you could also fix a smaller panel with four holes in its corners with some string that you attach to four spots of your frame....or maybe even do both sides of the frame and attach some moveable parts to its centre and create a mobile....the possibilities are endless.

Materials list:

- That Craft Place Ltd. MDF laser cut frame

- DecoArt media products:
  * fluid acrylic paints: carbon black, titan buff, transparent yellow iron oxide, english red oxide, paynes grey, cobalt turquoise hue, cobalt teal hue
  * gesso: black and white
  * specialty media: Texture Sand Paste

- non stick craft sheet
- crackle stamp
- small palette knife
- wide tip soft brush
- kitchen roll
- Ranger alcohol inks: Stream, Juniper
- thin rough cord
- pendant

The actual challenge "Layers" which is an "all crafts challenge" this time, has just started! Why not check out the fab projects of the DT and play along?!!!

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia xxx


  1. Great tutorial, Claudia. Love your piece.

  2. Beautiful, Claudia!! I love how you use your DecoArt products to age and 'vintagize' anything and everything!! Thank you for sharing your painting steps and how you layered everything to create this Gorgeous frame!! XOXO-Shari

  3. :)

    Die Lasercuts sind natürlich optimal für solch eine Transformation, weil sie schon eine schöne plastische Wirkung (Breite) haben. Auch sind sie sehr schön leicht - kaum zu glauben, was aus der Oberfläche geworden ist!
    Welche Größe hat der Rahmen?
    Toll ist auch die Farbenkombination!
    Ich nehme immer Granitfarbe (sie muss erst aufgebraucht werden :) ... ich glaube aber die Sandfarbe ist ein wenig feinkörniger.

    Liebe Grüße von Senna

    1. Danke, liebe Senna! :)

      Der Rahmen ist ca. 22 cm hoch. Ja - ich mag die etwas "klobigeren" und doch ultra-leichten Laser-Cut-Teile auch sehr!

      Claudia xx

  4. Wonderful tutorial and I so need some (all) of those supplies! Love the layers you have achieved and the patina look is so up my alley. Thanks for the great info! Awesome sauce! ~Niki

  5. This is insanely gorgeous. Claudia -- you are a color genius!! Love the aged effects combined with that lovely pendant. Indeed -- the possibilities are endless. Thanks for sharing your thought process here in this amazing tutorial. -- Mary Elizabeth

  6. thank's your information,,
    very helpful ,,

  7. Fabulously altered frame and project, I LOVE it!!! Coco x

  8. This really came out beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Awesome frame. Love how you build the layers. Your tutorial is so great. Easy to follow and inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing your art.
    Hugs from Monica... Spain


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